Fun Words of Wisdom from the Dogs at Woof Dah!

The length of your legs has nothing to do with how fast you are.

You CAN still get the staff soaking wet during  your bath.  (Even when they are wearing waterproof clothing!)

The first one into the swimming pool wins.

Don't worry,  if you don't want to go home, none of the staff here are actually fast enough to catch you......  ha  ha  ha

There is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy.

The best way to avoid getting a bath is by hiding under the Pirate Ship and secretly laughing as the staff tries to crawl under there to find you.

The best way to get what you want is show the staff your saddest deep brown (or blue) puppy eyes.

If you're positively starving, bark as loud as you can to get the staff to pay attention to your dire situation.  Try to get them to forget that they already fed you.

If you tinkle on the floor and no-one sees you do it, it doesn't count :-)

If you want your favorite bed to sleep on overnight,  get there early and stake it out.

If someone is occupying "your" spot on a couch, just annoy (bark) at them until they get up.  Then, you can jump up steal their spot.  Works every time!   FYI:  This can also work if someone has a bone that you want.

Despite what you might have learned in your pre-daycare life, dogs were actually meant to be able to go outside whenever they want.  It's just that your door at home might be "broken."  You see, at Woof Dah!, their door works really well (made especially for dogs with this awesome hole in it!) and you can go in and out and in and out and..........

While Woof Dah! does not actually have real horses to ride, you CAN ride on the Harry the Hippopotamus' nose.  Just ask Crazy Max-he'd be happy to demonstrate exactly how it's done!


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