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Pet Insurance

Did you know that you can get health insurance for your pet?  There are many very affordable plans out there that can protect you against unexpected veterinary bills due to illness or injury.   Pet insurance is especially affordable when you enroll your pet when he or she is still a puppy, before any health conditions develop.

Onyx, Woof Dah!'s mascot dog, currently has a policy with Nationwide Pet Insurance.  For about $60 per month, he has coverage that pays for illnesses, injuries, hereditary conditions and even cancer!   This came in especially handy when he slipped on the steps last winter and couldn't walk on his hind leg.  We were afraid that he had torn his cruciate ligament.  Luckily, it was just a bruise.  But if the ligament had been torn, we would have been facing surgery and after care costs of up to $5,000.

Did you know approximately how much these common ailments cost to treat?

  • Stitches for a minor laceration on a weekend- $550 at the emergency clinic
  • Hip displaysia surgery - $3,000-$5,000 per hip
  • Intestinal blockage surgery - $2,500
  • Decayed tooth removal - $1,000
  • Bloat surgery - $2,500
  • Torn cruciate ligament (back knee) $5,000
  • Pnuemonia - $1,000
  • Broken leg - $1,000
  • Cataracts $1,200
  • Emergency Clinic Visit - $100 minimum
  • Accidentally being hit by a car   $$$$

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