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Paw Pad Problems:

What causes paw pads to get blisters or cracking?
Dogs with sensitive feet, a wild play style, particularly sensitive skin or those who are not accustomed to all day play can develop cracks or blisters on their pads. Even a tiny crack or blister can cause a dog to limp or lick their paw(s).

What can be done to prevent blistering or cracking?
Progressively longer walks on rough surfaces such a pavement before extended playtimes can toughen up your dog's pads. Another option is to try a commercial product such as "Tuff Foot," which can be ordered online. 

What does Woof Dah! do to prevent blistering or cracking?
Dogs with a history of cracks or blisters and dogs staying a week or more may receive a special nap time.   We may also have your dog skip swim time to keep their feet from getting soft from swimming.

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