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Webcam Viewing, Setup and Troubleshooting
(Click the Running Doggy to see the Webcams!)

For complete webcam setup and troubleshooting information from Online Doggy, click here.
or Contact Online Doggy for assistance at: usersupport@onlinedoggy.com or
(303) 805-4034 M-F 9am-6pm Mountain Standard Time.

Webcam Hours:
7:15am to 8:00pm daily

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Apps Available: 
Search for "ODoggy"

Quick Troubleshooting Tips:

-I click on the camera but no windows open up or it beeps at me:  If a window doesn't’t open after clicking on a camera or it beeps when you try to do so, your pop up blocker needs to be disabled.

-I am using an iPhone and I get a frozen screen:  If you encounter a frozen screen while running the app, try turning off the app and restarting it.  Touch the home button twice and find the ODoggy app.  Press and hold it until the red circle comes up, and press that to close the app.  Then, touch the home button one more time, and you should be able to restart the app.

-I am having trouble with the ODoggy App on my iPhone or Android device: 
 If you have subscribed to the app but can't view the dogs.  Try deleting the ODoggy App from your device and reinstalling it. To delete it, hold your finger on the ODoggy App icon for three seconds, then press the black x. Once you reinstall ODoggy, it will remember your subscription and you should now be able to select a provider and View the Dogs. After you reinstall, open the ODoggy App, select Settings then select Use this Device.

- I have an Apple Computer or am trying to view the cameras from a corporate network:  You will need to use the Regular Quality Cameras because Apple computers and many Corporate networks do not allow Active X that runs the Higher Quality Cameras.

- I have a Virgin Mobile phone and the screen is always frozen:  Unfortunately, our internet provider, Comcast, does not communicate properly with Virgin Mobile systems.  Online Doggy is working on this problem.

-I can't find the ODoggy App on my iOs Device 6.0 or Higher: The ODoggy App may not show up in your App store. This is a bug that Apple is currently addressing. To get ODoggy, open Safari on your iPad and do a Google search for ODoggy. The first link that comes up will take you to ODoggy in the App Store for you to download and install.

-I can't find Woof Dah! on the pet care provider's page  Do not fill in all the fields on the search page. If the information you input does not exactly match our database, it will not return your provider. To keep it simple, try searching Minnesota and then select Woof Dah!

-I want to use the ODoggy App on more than one Apple device such as  
(iPhone, iPad, iTouch) that are connected to my iTunes account.  You only have to pay for one subscription to the ODoggy App for up to 5 devices.  For each device that you have, install ODoggy. Then, when you want to use one of the devices, within the ODoggy App select Settings select "Use this Device."

-I had to subscribe to the Android App twice to get it to work or I was charged for the App and cannot get it to work:  
Sometimes Google Wallet does not register your subscription correctly and you may have to subscribe again.  If this happens, or anything else happens where you are mistakenly charged, please email your receipt to us at usersupport@onlinedoggy.com and Online Doggy will refund your second  or mistaken subscription.

-I want to cancel my subscription or turn of auto-renewal of my subscription on my iPhone, iPad or iPod:  To cancel your iPhone, iPad or iPod App subscription, from your device’s home screen (not the App’s home screen), select the following…
1.) Select 'Settings'
2.) Select 'iTunes & App Stores'
3.) Select 'Apple ID'
4.) Select 'View Apple ID' and sign in if prompted.
5.) Select 'Manage'
6.) Select 'Auto-renewal to 'Off'

-I Have Subscribed to the App, but only see still images or a black screen:  This usually means that you are in an area where your phone is not receiving a decent data connection. Even if your phone is showing 3 bars or more, that is indicative of your phone service, not your data service. Best thing to do if you are in one of these areas is to connect your phone to a Wifi connection.

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